20 years

Vending Services

Did You Ever Wonder How The Products In Our Cold Food Merchandisers Are Prepared?

Black Tie Services can offer your employees not just salads and hot and cold sandwiches but restaurant style 4 minute meals prepared by our own state-inspected commissary. This kitchen is part of our 10,000 square foot facility in Baltimore, Maryland. We produce our food daily!

Our vending machines can display a full menu of mouth-watering meals that come straight from our kitchen to your employees. Choose from our tempting array of dishes including a wide selection of organic and all natural products and entrees. We try very hard to offer a rotating menu in our food machines so your employees will consistently enjoy fresh selections.

What Makes Our Food So Good?

We use high quality meats and salads along with fresh lettuce and tomatoes to give our sandwiches a truly fresh deli taste. Many of our platters and stews are made completely from scratch.

What About The Variety?

Each day we produce at least ten different selections, made fresh, along with pre-packaged name brand products. Together, you'll find a well balanced variety of food. We also make a great selection of breakfast sandwiches. All of our fresh food items are labeled clearly with an expiration date and ingredient list. Many of our selections are what we classify as "Right Choice" or "Fit Pick", meaning lower calorie and fat content.

  • » Pancakes
  • » Omelettes
  • » Ham and Egg Sandwiches
  • » Hash Browns
  • » Burritos
  • » Gourmet Bagels
  • » Turkey Wraps
  • » Chicken Wraps
  • » Deli Sandwiches
  • » Reubens
  • » Tuna Melts
  • » Hamburgers
  • » Hot Roast Beef
  • » BBQ Ribs
  • » Chicken Fillet
  • » Spaghetti and Meat Sauce
  • » Baked Potatoes
  • » String Beans
  • » Homemade Soup
  • » Fresh Fruit

Do We Guarantee Our Products?

YOU BET! In Fact, We guarantee you'll get a quality product every time or your money back. Should you not enjoy a selection, just see the person who handles the refunds for an instant reimbursement.

How Do We Know How Much Food To Provide?

Our advanced vending technology, with information supplied by our customer reps, tracks the sales on each and every fresh food item made. The vending software automatically tells us how much to send of each items, helping us to ensure that there is always fresh food available for you.

We will customize our services to best fit each clients needs. Our goal is to provide the FRESHEST food from our own commissary, the finest ingredients and generous portions to provide the best value to our clients. For additional information about Black Tie Services please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-969-VEND.