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Vending Technology - Vending Machine Pre-Kitting and LightSPEED™


While pre-kitting - loading deliveries in the warehouse based on machine needs - is not new in the vending industry, many operators are learning that new technology can automate and streamline the process while providing a higher level of accuracy. Most other vending companies simply load up their delivery trucks and vans with cases of what they might need that day and send them on their way.

What's different about our pre-kitting is the ability to determine more accurate product levels, thanks to innovations like wireless remote data monitoring. There are still vending companies pre-kitting using data based on paper route slips. The more technology you use, the more accurate you are.

We utilize Cantaloupe's wireless remote monitoring system, known as SEED, to enhance our pre-kitting process as it is based on tracking real-time inventory data on each of our machines.

With pre-kitting:

  • » We eliminite the counting trip for the driver, thus allowing him to service more machines. By carrying the right amount of product, the driver does not need to go to the machine, count what's needed, and go back to the truck to get it. The trucks can leave the warehouse full in the morning and return empty at the end of the day.
  • » Lower truck inventories, meaning smaller trucks and lower fuel and maintenance costs.
  • » More efficient truck loading and machine filling processes.
  • » Drivers spend more time filling and cleaning vending machines

"PICK TO LIGHT" Product Picking

Although pre-kitting is far more efficient than traditional service methods, it is still very labor intensive, averages 15-20% errors, lacks details in identifying multiple totes and has limited production tracking capabilities. We at Black Tie Services, chose not to accept that large of a margin for error, and have adopted the LightSPEED system in our warehouses.

When the LightSPEED system is part of the order picking environment, it enables a picker to quickly and easily find the correct bin location by means of LED displays rather than paper along an assembly line. Besides guiding the picker to the exact location, the lights also display the precise amount ordered for each delivery route and requires confirmation when each item is picked.

LightSPEED accelerates the pre-kitting process by issuing light signals to direct the activities of pre-kit personnel. With nearly 100% order accuracy and an average pre-kit speed of over 5500 units per hour, this new system has shown that it is capable of saving thousands of dollars in product waste. The LightSpeed system has allowed us to to eliminate almost all picking errors.

Our Pre-Kitting Operation at Black Tie Services

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  1. Loading vendable soft drinks with accuracy.

  2. Loading vendable soft drinks with accuracy.

  3. Loading vendable soft drinks with accuracy.

  4. Loading vendable soft drinks with accuracy - crush-proof containers ensure that your soft drinks arrive in perfect condition.

  5. LightSPEED beverage pick crates being stacked at our loading dock.

  6. Vending products being picked in our warehouse.

  7. Our products are all stocked on custom Light SPEED picking racks.

  8. We can quickly and easily find the correct bin location by means of LED displays rather than paper along an assembly line.

  9. Target Timer - Pick area monitors display order statistics and remaining time available for order completion. (Improves productivity by over 40%)

  10. Small vendable items, like candy and gum, are now picked with ease.

  11. Each row lights up with a number, which lets the warehouse operator select the EXACT amount needed for that delivery route.

  12. LightSPEED has eliminated waste in our daily operations. It is completely paperless!

  13. Our LightSPEED bins are ready to be filled and trucks loaded for delivery!

  14. X-Bin - If additional product is required, this program is used to preselect the product and quantity to prekit extra totes for each route.

  15. Our LightSPEED bins are ready to be filled and trucks loaded for delivery!

Our Pre-Kitting Operation Saves You Time and Money

Between our competitive prices and vending technology, the choice is easy. For additional information about Black Tie Services please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-969-VEND.



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