20 years

Vending Technology - Google Wallet

Consumers can use Google Wallet to pay at vending machines.

At Black Tie Services, we offer the latest in cashless payment technology. We are moving towards a cashless society. Our unique cashless payment system allows consumers to be able to pay for their snacks with a smartphone, as well as send real-time complaints about their Snickers stuck in a spiral.

We have partnered with Cantaloupe Systems to let consumers use Google Wallet to pay for snacks and drinks at vending machines across our Marlyand and Washington DC markets. Customers will be able to make purchases by tapping their devices at the vending machines. Google Wallet-equipped vending machines will feature prominent stickers so consumers know which machines work with the app, and that eventually operators and even Google could send coupons and rewards to users as they purchase snacks.

By offering traditional cashless and now mobile payment options, we're making it easier for consumers to purchase products from vending machines.

In addition to contactless payment readers, all the machines are also equipped with Cantaloupe Systems' Seed technology, which monitors, reports and analyzes real-time sales data over the Web.

Mobile payment services such as Google Wallet augment the customer information vending machine operators already receive from Cantaloupe Systems, enabling us to offer you custom-tailored promotions based on individual product preferences.

High-tech vending machines might have another benefit, too. With the introduction of compatible mobile apps, consumers could potentially request that certain items be included in the next round of snacks, and send immediate complaints when a machine is malfunctioning. The possibilities are endless!

Between our competitive prices and vending technology, the choice is easy. For additional information about Black Tie Services please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-969-VEND.



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