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Micromarkets - A Modern Alternative to Vending

Office self-service kiosks are vending machines of the future

The breakroom for offices has evolved. Black Tie Services is a leader in providing breakroom modernization including replacement of vending machines with cafeteria style, healthy food options, and unrivaled selection. Avanti Markets and Bistro to Go offer a far more healthy, convenient and efficient solution to traditional vending.

Vending machines have been a stalwart in most office environments for years, but they have recently given rise to a new type of automated fresh food vending service. Distributors of so-called micromarkets are making the most of the constant need of the consumer for fresh and convenient food options, to create a new niche for self-service kiosks in offices. Black Tie Services is one of the biggest distributors of this type of healthy vending machine solution in the Washington DC and Baltimore areas and provides both Avanti and Bistro to Go micromarkets for every space and each individual environment.

Advantages Over Vending Machines

Black Tie Services believes that an automated healthy vending machine service is a safer and more cost-effective alternative for businesses. The self-service kiosks boast 24-hour security cameras and immediate on-call service from the distributor in case of security problems. The fully automated checkout process ensures there is no cash money involved and guarantees your tills will never be short. Thanks to a quick and easy scanning system, each chosen product is reliably recognized and charged.

Our markets are completely customizable...Each market is designed specifically for your workplace. Replacing your vending machines with the technology of a micromarket eliminates the frustration of dealing with refunds, change, hung products or broken machines.

Our cashless kiosk system makes checking out quick and easy, and its 100% automated self-service. This eliminates many of the costs associated with running a traditional cafeteria service which requires staff to prepare and serve the food as well as to collect payment as employees checkout with their meals.

Customers are quickly taking to this novel way of buying a quick snack or lunch...and with good reason! Micromarkets offer a much wider and healthier range of products than the traditional vending machines and accept convenient payment methods, such as a debit or credit card, or market key tag.

Office self-service kiosks are vending machines of the future

As opposed to traditional vending machines, they also give consumers the option to handle the products before purchasing and checking their nutritional value. The variety of meal, snacks and beverages available in a micromarket is extensive:

  • » Beverages - Colas, Sodas, Fruit Drinks, Water, Health Drinks, and More
  • » Snacks - Edible items in hand held servings including; chips, fruit, granola bars, etc
  • » Food/Entrees - Complete Meals including salads, vegetable sides, sandwiches, soups, and main entrees

A self-service kiosk at the office offers advantages for everyone. Employees no longer have to leave the site during lunch hours and employers, in turn, are able to keep lunch breaks as short as possible and prevent employee lateness. Research has shown that both workers and employers are unequivocally enthusiastic about the new concept and we have no doubt this will only continue in the future.

Some of the benefits of a micromarket at your place of business include:

    Employee Benefits

  • » Nutritional tracking - Bistro to Go's Daily Nutritional Analysis (DNA) allows employees to create a personal, online profile to track nutritional data.
  • » Convenience: Bistro to Go is open 24/7 - shop, scan and enjoy!
  • » Cashless kiosk - Use a CK card, credit or debit card to pay
  • » Fresh-made foods and a great selection
  • » Fully automated inventory ensures freshness
  • » Large assortment of products including healthy choices
  • » No vending machine hassles - No empty machines or "hung" products
  • » Rewards and incentive programs through the Bistro to Go payment card
  • » 24-hour security

    Employer Benefits

  • » Energy efficient
  • » Virtually no service calls
  • » Customized to fit your space and style
  • » Healthier choices = healthier workforce.
  • » Reduces employee travel expenses for snacks or lunch
  • » Improves employee efficiency
  • » Reduces extended breaks of employees
  • » Employees make choices by being able to touch products prior to purchase
  • » Take home products improves work/life balance
  • » Improves the corporate culture
Between our competitive prices and our vending alternatives, the choice is easy. For additional information about Black Tie Services please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-969-VEND.




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