20 years

Introducing The New OC System™

Single Serve Program.
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The OC System™ inspired by Traditional Brew Technology

Now you can help your customers bring a higher level of coffee satisfaction to the office by introducing our evolutionary technology in single cup brewing. It starts with our proprietary brew process that delivers a perfectly brewed cup of coffee every single time.

Pre-infusion technology:
Prepares the coffee for pulse-brewing by steeping it in just the right amount of water and the right temperature to deliver the most premium flavor during extraction.

Pulse brew:
Perfectly times the hot water and controls the flow of water over the grounds, extracting optimal full flavor potential.

Special brew recipes:
La San Marco technology provides specifically formulated recipes for each of the four cup sizes.

Proprietary cartridges:
Only fit the OC System™ and can’t be used with home machines. Ensures the coffee will stay where it belongs.

Unique capsule design:
The OC Capsule is perfectly sized to further enhance the flavor.

Stay-Fresh Packets:
Individual stay-fresh packets seal in freshness, protecting the flavor and aroma – A Difference You Can Smell™ as soon as it’s opened.