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Keurig Single Cup Brewers

Like single-cup coffee? Black Tie Services is a Keurig Authorized Distributor! Keurig Brewing Systems were developed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind. From the breakroom to the boardroom, Keurig delivers coffee house taste and one-cup at a time convenience. Each person's own perfect cup is ready in under a minute. There’s no waiting, no mess, no waste, no cleanup, and best of all, no one leaving the office!

Keurig K3000 SE

Keurig's most advanced brewing system and perfect for office locations of 30 or more employees or food service locations.

The Keurig K3000 SE is a single-cup brewing system that can brew a cup in as little as one minute. It is designed for large offices that have 30 or more employees. The system is equipped with K-cup and mug sensors to prevent accidental brewing. Let's take a look at some of the other features offered by this brewing system.

The Keurig K3000 SE uses K-Cups to brew single cups of coffee. The system will automatically eject and store the used K-Cups. The Keurig K3000 SE can brew four different sizes. These sizes include four, six, eight, and ten ounces. The Keurig K3000 SE brewing system is also equipped with a removable drip tray. This makes the unit much easier to clean. Also, the drip tray can be removed when you simply want to use a larger travel-sized mug to hold the coffee.

You also won't have to worry about refilling a water reservoir every so often. The Keurig K3000 SE can be plumbed directly to a water line. This provides enough water so that the system can produce unlimited brews. The Keurig K3000 SE is designed to brew a single cup of coffee every 60 seconds. The brewer can also produce hot water at the press of a button. This feature is useful if you want to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

The Keurig K3000 SE is equipped with an easy-to-read LCD display. The screen provides step-by-step brewing instructions so that all employees can easily use the machine. The Keurig K3000 SE also provides multiple language options with users being able to select from three different languages on the screen.

If you prefer to setup the system to charge to brew cups of coffee, then you will like the fact that the Keurig K3000 SE is vending compatible. The coin changer can accept nickels, dimes, and quarters. The Keurig K3000 SE can be set to charge any amount in $0.05 increments.

Size: 17 3/8" High X 18" Deep X 12" Wide || Weight: 30 Pounds

Keurig K150

Designed for offices in the small-to-medium range, and build durable to perform day in and day out, the K150 delivers coffee everyone will love.

The K150 Small-Medium Office Brewing System has interactive touchscreen controls, 5 brew sizes of 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz and 12 oz, 90 oz cold water tank, pour over and plumbed capability, includes Quiet Brew Technology and is UL rated for both Household and Commercial use.

Touch and Go: Touchscreen Interface Thanks to an advanced full color touchscreen interface, with adjustable brew temperature, programmable on/off settings and auto-off feature, you can walk through brewing instructions, step by step, in three different user-selected languages.

Fulfilling Options: Pour-over Water Reservoir AND Direct-Line Plumbing! The easy-to-fill, removable, water reservoir - our largest at 90 ounces - means you can fill once and make up to 18 cups of coffee. Plus, the brewer does need to be located close to a water supply. You can also take advantage of the optional direct-line plumbing accessory and brew a new cup of coffee every 60 seconds, back to back, all day long without having to refill.

Satisty Every Taste: Five Brew Sizes Choose from five different brew strengths - 4oz., 6oz., 8oz., 10oz., and 12oz. From espresso-like drinks to milder brewed beverages. Because tastes differ.

Remove and Fill: Removable Drip Tray For Easy Travel Mug Use The drip tray is designed for easy cleanup and versatility. It slides out of the way to accommodate travel mugs. Plus, it's dishwater safe.

Drain and Store: Drainable Internal Hot Water Tank You can't get this from a home brewer. Only Keurig Commmercial brewers offer the option to easily drain and remove water from the hot water tank for transport and storage.

Hardworker: Commercial Grade This brewer is a rugged machine, built to commercial specifications and UL-approved for home and commerical use.

Size: 13 7/8" High X 14" Deep X 10 3/8" Wide || Weight: 18 Pounds

Keurig Office Pro (K145)

The OfficePRO Brewing System is an ideal single-cup brewing system for small offices and conference rooms.

The OfficePRO Brewing System is an ideal single-cup brewing system for small offices and conference rooms and is available online for purchase. The Keurig Office Pro Coffee Brewer is designed specifically for the office and is built to handle ten times the usage of Keurig home brewers. The OfficePRO includes a drainable internal water reservoir for transport or storage (a feature not available on home brewers).

The Keurig Office Pro can brew three cups sizes: 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. It containcs a drainable internal water reservoir and has a removable resevoir. The Keurig Office Pro is Travel Mug Friendly with a Removable Drip Tray. Auto Off Feature safety feature is standard.

Keurig Commercial Grade brewers are engineered to stand up to the toughest demands of commercial/office use. Our Commercial Grade brewers generally brew about 10 times the volume of a typical At Home brewer. Commercial Keurig brewers are UL Approved for Commercial Use, and include special construction/materials required for such approval.

Size: 13.5" High X 11" Deep X 8.5" Wide || Weight: 14 Pounds

Keurig K140

The perfect Keurig brewer for small offices.

Perfect for office locations of 20 or less, conference rooms, or the boardroom! Our most compact series of Keurig Office Brewers Brews 8 continuous cups before the brewer needs to be refilled. The Keurig K140 is built to easily serve about 25 cups per day. After two hours of non-use the machine will turn off by itself. The brewer has three different brewing sizes: 6oz., 8 oz., and 10oz.

It also features an internal tank drain that can be used at the flip of a switch, a removable drip tray that is dishwasher safe, and the travel mug aficionado will find this machine very accommodating. Another great feature of the Keurig K140 brewer is the pour-over water fill and the removable water tank. Terrific for space-limited areas!

Size: 13.5" High X 11" Deep X 8.5" Wide || Weight: 14 Pounds

Green Mountain K-Cup Vending Machine

Brings a coffeehouse experience to vending locations.

Designed to make Keurig single-cup brewing feasible in high-traffic commercial and manufacturing settings, the Green Mountain Coffee-branded vending machine dispenses K-Cup portion packs for use in Keurig single-cup brewers. The full-size vender offers up to 12 selections, with options ever-expanding.

The vender was developed for large venues that sell coffee and other beverages to employees or visitors. It allows operators to meet the demand for portion-packed, single-cup coffee with a solution that is economical, low maintenance and sanitary.

The Green Mountain Coffee vender holds more than 1,000 K-Cup portion packs. Operators can choose to offer up to 12 product selections from a growing line that presently includes more than 60 coffees, teas and hot cocoas in K-Cups from GMCR's family of brands. These not only include Green Mountain Coffee, but also Tully's Coffee, Newman's Own Organics Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Celestial Seasonings Teas and Cafe Escapes.

The machines offer quick, easy access to an assortment of these products for use with Keurig's proprietary brewing system. Available in a range of models to meet differing location needs, all of them are engineered to deliver water in the proper volume and at the optimum temperature and pressure to create a perfect cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa in less than a minute.

Green Mountain K-Cup Vending Machine

The Keurig Brewings accessories are the perfect way to keep coffee stations neat and tidy. Purchase individually or with the other brewer accessories for a sleek and stylish beverage station that is the perfect companion to any Keurig Brewer. Choose from:

  • » K-Cup® Display Shelf Accessory
  • » Cup Holder/Dispenser
  • » Condiment Drawer
  • » K-Cup® Carousels
  • » K-Cup® Wire-8 and Wire-4 Racks
  • » Brewer Platforms
  • » Brewer Coin Changers

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