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Cafeteria Management

Cafeteria Design & Construction

From consulting to installation, we can fill the diverse equipment, decor, seating, and furnishing needs of any lunchroom or cafeteria. We provide one of the most comprehensive design, consulting, manufacturing, and installation services available to help you create beautiful, functional food service areas. See the process from design to operation below:

Initial Concept and Design

To the right are actual blueprints of cafeteria layouts we have designed and implemented for our customers. A needs assessment often accompanies this planning phase - it can describe existing space use; develop realistic estimates of requirements, both spatial and technical; and arrive at a program around which design activity can develop.

We put extensive forethought into a project before the hammers swing or concrete is poured. By thinking through and drawing the design in detail, we can identify potential trouble spots where special attention may be required, thus minimizing surprises and controlling costs. A well considered, well executed design adds value to your business.

The Building Process/span>

The first three pictures depict the original cafeteria at a large company. The cafeteria made poor use of the existing space, was outdated, and couldn't accomodate the company's growth.

The next three pictures show the beginning of the building process. Black Tie Services removed all the existing structures and decor, giving us a blank slate in which to create the new cafeteria. We brought in all the contruction materials necessary to transform this older lunchroom into a bright, modern and functional cafeteria.

The Finished Product

The smiles on faces of the employees says it all! Our design team created a durable, dynamic foodservice establishment with visual and functional appeal. We form a partnership with our clients, combining their vision and goals with our knowledge and expertise to achieve design excellence.

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