20 years

Cafeteria Alternatives - Automated Micromarkets

It's Like Having A Convenience Store, Right In Your Breakroom

Our open air micromarket program is a great solution for company's looking for an alternative to a cafeteria. Now companies of all sizes can have a place for employees to enjoy healthy and nutritious food options, lots of variety, and 24/7 convenience with out needing a traditional cafeteria style operation.

Black Tie Services is proud to be able to offer an open market style kitchen where employees can sit down to a fresh-made salad or sandwich, vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable snacks, healthy juices and much more.

Our cashless kiosk system makes checking out quick and easy, and its 100% automated self-service. This eliminates many of the costs associated with running a traditional cafeteria service which requires staff to prepare and serve the food as well as to collect payment as employees checkout with their meals.

Our unique online nutritional tracking for employees and macro reporting for HR and Wellness Professionals promote a healthier and happier work lifestyle. Try finding that in a traditionally run cafeteria!

Our innovative use of today's most cutting edge technology allows your micromarket to run 24 hours a day / 7 days a week complete automatically and unattended.

One of the most engaging aspects for customers is the opportunity to "shop and select" versus many modern day cafeterias. Being able to touch, feel and examine the food and beverage selections goes a long way past the traditional vending scenario as well, whereby an individual peers through a glass-faced machine, plugs in a number to a panel and watches (with hope) as that item spirals from a shelf and drops to a delivery point. With an open market / convenience store style appeal, you invite employees to check for freshness, nutritional information, and aesthetic interest.

Imagine being able to offer hundreds of meal options with the high cost of ownership normally associated with an on-premise cafeteria. You can now forget about the hassles of dealing with food service operations, subsidies, space allocation and more.

Contact us today to find out how easily you can transform your breakroom or cafeteria into a fresh and healthy food based micromarket! For additional information about Black Tie Services please complete our on-line information request or call us at 800-969-VEND.



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