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Our 20 years of experience in the vending, office coffee and cafeteria management business makes us the best office refreshment service provider in the Washington D.C Metro Area. But don't just take our word for it - see what our customers have to say about Black Tie Services.

Below is a letter from Goucher College of Maryland:

1021 Dulaney Valley Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21204-27974
(410) 337-6000

June 20, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

Black Tie Services has been the college snack vending provider for nearly 12 years. Earlier this year we rebid the campus snack vending service, because our procurement policy required it. After reviewing multiple companies snack vending proposals we once again chose Black Tie Services to provide snack vending service for an additional 5 year period.

They've always done a fantastic job for Goucher College, and an example of my faith in their abilities is even more impressive when you consider that our contracted bookstore service provider, Barnes and Noble, needed a beverage vending provider for the campus bookstore, and without hesitation I recommended Black Tie to them. It's important to note that I made my recommendation to Barnes and Noble over the beverage vending provider that we're currently under contract to. I believe this a strong testament to their abilities, and I assure you that they will be strongly considered to handle our beverage vending when it's time to rebid it.

Additionally, the lead representatives of the company Mike Allan and Scott Meskin have always been tremendously responsive while providing their support and knowledge of the vending industry. And customer service from all the other members of their vending team has been above reproach.

I highly recommend Black Tie Vending Services and look forward to continuing our work with them well into the future.

If you wish to speak to me personally, please contact me at 410-337-6134.


Calvin E. Gladden II, CPPB
Director of Business and Auxillary Services