20 years

We Are Green

Eco-Friendly Options and Operations

Our resources - financial and natural - are critical to our survival and our prosperity. With soaring energy prices, the cost of doing business is more challenging than ever. The cost to the future of our natural environment is even greater.

At Black Tie Services, we are committed to providing innovative approaches to managing consumption and waste products in the most environmentally safe and sound way. You get quality products and services that make sense for your bottom line...and for the planet.

Within our business practices we try to reduce, reuse, and recycle. All cardboard and plastic is recycled. We ensure our breakrooms have recycling facilities and encourge our customers to participate. At Black Tie Services we reduce driving time through use of advanced logistics software that plans the most efficient route for each driver each day. During service calls, we ensure our service vehicles with the necessary parts to complete the vast majority of service calls on the first visit, eliminating the need for a return trip.

We are actively retrofitting our machines to make them more energy efficient. New machines incorporate more efficient compressors, fan motors, and lighting systems to keep beverages just as cold and the machine visible while using less energy. Modern machines come with a low power mode option that allows the machine to be placed in low-energy lighting and/or low-energy refrigeration states during times of inactivity.

Black Tie Services offers a line of food packaging items made from annually renewable resources. You can get bowls, plates, spoons and napkins made from corn, soy, pulp, potato starch, bamboo and many other innovative, sustainable sources and processes.

We also strive to help our customers build an eco-friendly workplace by offering food and coffee service products in a variety of options:


  • » Renewable
  • » Compostable
  • » Carbon Neutral
  • » Biodegradable
  • » Sustainable

At Black Tie Services, we ensure that it truly can be easy to go green.